Helical Reduction Gear Boxes  

Helical Reduction gear Boxes cater to niche applications of Industrial Gear units. Helical reduction gear Boxes are available in "H" (Horizontal Shaft Version) and "K" (Right Angle Shaft Version) in different reduction ratios with power capacity ranges from 5 kW to multi megawatt.

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Wind Turbine Gear Boxes  

Wind Turbine Gear Box are used in wind turbines. We manufacture Wind turbine gear boxes in two ranges, namely, sub mega watt (250 - 350 kW) & mega watt class.
Mega watt class range has single / multistage, planetary, helical, speed increaser gearbox.

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Forward / Reverse Turbo Transmission For Locomotive  

Product features

  • Compact design and optimum weight.
  • High starting torque.
  • Automatic, jerk-free and step-less matching of tractive effort to the prevailing load conditions.
  • Owing to turbo reversing feature i.e., filling up and emptying of hydraulic oil in torque converter, there is no mechanical wear associated with other type of reversing drives.
  • Wear-free braking due to hydro dynamic braking effort.
  • Isolation of vibration from engine and driving wheels.
  • Very low servicing and maintenance cost.

Download Forward / Reverse Turbo Transmission For Locomotive Brochure