“Indigenous” Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC) is the state of the art, highly efficient machine. KPCL has established manufacturing facility at our existing Saswad factory, Near Pune. The manufacturing facilities include Fabrication, Assembly and Performance Testing at full load etc.

KPCL has Sales and Service network all over India.

Our Product range includes Steam driven Vapour Absorption Chillers and Direct Fired Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC). Kirloskar VAC’s are of latest design and are corrosion free and crystalisation free, thus providing promised performance consistently and providing long and trouble free life. You will observe that Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Kirloskar VAC would be minimum due to these features. Our VAC shall provide Chilled water, which can be used for air conditioning and process cooling applications.

Indigenous Kirloskar Vapour Absorption Chillers are supplied in fully assembled condition duly tested in the factory. Thus these can be commissioned in very short time.

High Pressure Steam Driven (KRCW, KREW)    
Refrigeration Capacity : 150 TR to 500 TR (525 kW to 1,750kW) 
Chilled water in/out  
:12/7 Deg C **
Cooling water in/out 
:32/37.5 Deg C **
Steam Pressure          :8 kg/cm2, g **
    Model - KRCW, KREW
Direct Fired (KRCD, KRED)  
RefrigerationCapacity  : 150 TR to 500 TR (525 kW to 1,750kW)
Chilled water in/out  : 12/7 Deg C **
Cooling water in/out : 32/37.5 Deg C **
Fuel                              : Natural Gas and Oil
    Model - KRCD, KRED
Power plants, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals/Fertilizer industries,Tyre industries, Textile industries, Food Processing sector,Hospitals & Hotel Industries, Paper industries, Paint industries,Steel industries etc.