Transmission Division (TRM)

KPCL’s Transmission division is a pioneer in the field of transmission products in India. With six products on board, this SBU specially caters to the need of customised power transmission solutions. The technology is being enhanced through in-house product engineering and collaborations. TRM has an edge in the areas of different types of gears & gear boxes with capacity ranges from sub megawatt to higher megawatt range.

Transmission Division caters to niche market segments in Rail traction gears, Marine gear boxes, Non conventional energy area like Wind turbine gear boxes and Transmissions for locomotives & self propelled vehicles.TRM products are regarded to be highly reliable and are being used for critical applications in various industrial and civil service applications.






Traction Motor Pinions and axle mounted Bull Gears  


  • Module 0.5 to 25
  • Face Width Upto 495 mm
  • Gear Diameter Upto 1800 mm
  • No. of teeth 10 to 260
  • Gear Grinding to DIN - class - I
  • Helix Angle Upto 45 Deg

Additional product information

  • User Application Sector Transport
  • Spur Traction Gears
  • User Sub Sector Electric / Diesel Electric locomotives
  • Helical Gears
  • Industry Sector Rail Transport
  • Pinions
  • Application Areas Rail Traction
  • Traction Gears
  • Product Category Traction Gears and Pinions
Reverse Reduction Hydraulic Marine Gear Boxes  

Our Speciality

  • Pioneer in precision high tech gear technology in India.
  • Over four decades of manufacturing experience
  • Leadership in niche market and products
  • Member of American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA)
Helical Reduction Gear Boxes  
Helical Reduction gear Boxes cater to niche applications of Industrial Gear units. Helical reduction gear Boxes are available in "H" (Horizontal Shaft Version) and "K" (Right Angle Shaft Version) in different reduction ratios with power capacity ranges from 5 kW to multi megawatt.
Wind Turbine Gear Boxes  
Wind Turbine Gear Box are used in wind turbines. We manufacture Wind turbine gear boxes in two ranges, namely, sub mega watt (250 - 350 kW) & mega watt class.
Mega watt class range has single / multistage, planetary, helical, speed increaser gearbox.
Forward / Reverse Turbo Transmission For Locomotive  

Product features

  • Compact design and optimum weight.
  • High starting torque.
  • Automatic, jerk-free and step-less matching of tractive effort to the prevailing load conditions.
  • Owing to turbo reversing feature i.e., filling up and emptying of hydraulic oil in torque converter, there is no mechanical wear associated with other type of reversing drives.
  • Wear-free braking due to hydro dynamic braking effort.
  • Isolation of vibration from engine and driving wheels.
  • Very low servicing and maintenance cost.