Cooling Tower, Evaporative

Manufacturer: Summits


Cooling Capacity-10 to 5,000 TR

Inlet Water Temp-30 to 900C

Outlet Water Temp-2 to 400C + WBT

Water Flow Rate-100 to 50,000 lpm


Salient Features

Made up of tough fiberglass reinforced plastic, non-corrosive material

Sq. Cage Induction, TEFC, IP 55 Electric motor

Dynamically balanced energy efficient induced draft axial flow fan

S Shaped corrugated drift eliminator to reduce water carry over losses

Fill of honey comb design made up of PVC for increased contact surface area for better heat transfer

All steel structures & fasteners made up of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel (SS 304)

CTI Certified-Designed as per Industrial Cooling Tower Standard - STD-203

Structural Design of FRP Components - ESG-152

Testing as per Acceptance Test Code  ATC-105