PSA, Desiccant, Heatless, High Pressure, Air Dryer

Manufacturer: Summits


Capacity-25 to 300 cfm

Inlet Air Temp-05 to 550C

Working pressure-70 to 400 kgf/cm2 g

Pressure Dew point-- 40 to - 700C


Salient Features

Advanced Programmable Logic Controller for accurate timing sequence and reliable operation

Individual back pressure check valves for trouble free operation

Individual Changeover & Exhaust valve system for reliable operation

Soft re-pressurization system with metered orifice

Separate re-pressurization valve controlled by PLC prevents the attrition loss of desiccant

Online dew point monitoring

Quality of Air as per ISO 8573-1 Table 3 Class 2/ Class 1